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Community Software
Feb 10, 2022

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Amiga - Play It By Year Collection v0.3 This project is an attempt at building a complete Amiga OCS-AGA game collection, with focus on chronological order, and using 1G1Z (one-game-one-zip) format. It's organised by release year, based on the excellent Hall Of Light database and sourced mainly from the latest Gamebase, TOSEC, WHDLoad sets and also using the marvellous Turran's FTP search . V0.3 (June 2022) adds year 1991. Next releases will add more years, eventually covering all A500-A1200...
Topics: amiga, collection, games, software, retro, year
Community Software
Jan 31, 2022 akeley

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Apple II - "Play It By Year" Game Collection This project is an attempt at building a comprehensive Apple II games collection. It's organised by release year and one-game-one-zip principle. V0.1 ( date ) is the first release and it's considered an unfinished WIP. It's incomplete and contains errors, although it's already quite thorough and usable too. VOLUNTEERS / HELP NEEDED Making of this collection has been great fun so far, but it took hundreds of hours of work over 6 month period...
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Topics: Apple II, games, images, disks, collection, educational
Community Images
Aug 20, 2021 akeley

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CRT SCR$ project v 0.1 released Aug-2021 WHAT? - CRT SCR$ Project aims to build a collection of photos of software from the SD-era displayed on CRT TVs or monitors.  ********************** WHY? -  an image displayed by a CRT set has a specific "look", which is nigh on impossible to replicate on modern panels (even though using shaders and/or hardware solutions can get you quite close these days). It's down to a heady mixture of the intrinsic qualities of  CRT displays, such as...
Topics: crt, television, tv, screenshot, videogames, software, photos
akeley Favorites
Feb 22, 2018

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The Software Capsules Compilation
Apr 14, 2016 akeley

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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ArchiveRL ver 1.1  -  released September 2019 The latest version (1.1) adds many previously unavailable games and this year's 7DRL entries (~240 new archives altogether). Detailed description and full changelog can be found here. ArchiveRL stats:  2167 archives - 25.6 Gigabytes - 1656 games - ~500(?) sources June 2022 status update: this project is now considered finished , drawing the line for new entries at 2019 . Its focus has always been meant to be...
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Topics: roguelike, collection, roguelite, archive, rogue, ArchiveRL, games, videogames, software, game